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X-Ray Test Pieces Overview

*** Important Announcement***
As of January 1st 2018 the Standard Test Piece (STP) will not be avaliable and replaced with the Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece (EWSTP)

X-Ray Test Pieces are a key part of Elder Engineering, what started as supplying the combined test piece, which led to the Standard Test Piece.

Elder are pleased to offer a wide range, with a new recent addition of the Scanner Trays which compliment the X-Ray Test Pieces.

Standard Test Piece (STP)

Please be advised as of January 1st 2018 the STP will no longer be available as a stocked item.
This item is being phased out and we will be advising customer to now purchase the EWSTP.

Details of the EWSTP can be found below.

You can still get the STP if required however this will effect the price and lead time compared to the EWSTP

X-Ray Test Piece

Mail Screening Test Piece (MSTP)

A new security test piece has been added to the range. Introducing the Mail Screening Test Piece

The MSTP can be used on conventional X-Ray Scanners and fluoroscope systems.

PAS 97:2015 A Specification for Mail Screening and Security details the need for this item.

The MSTP has been designed by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), at the request of and in association with CPNI, for mail screening applications to monitor X-ray system image quality standards. The MSTP is recommended for checking regularly that the system is performing to the expected standard. UK Mail Screening Test Piece (MSTP) – A Guide gives a description of each individual test outlining the purpose of the test, its applicability to conveyorised and /or cabinet X-ray systems, and the particular relevance of the test to mail screening.

Mail Screening Test Piece

Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece (EWSTP)

The EWSTP is designed to ensure that the performance requirements for Dual View X-Ray Machines as required by the Department for Transport and ECAC are met and maintained. The Exposure of the AWG wires result in clearer definition of the wires on the scanners screen.
It is manufactured to an exact specification and ready for use in its own case.
Can be used on all manufacturers’ models of Dual View X-Ray Scanning Machines.


Walk Through Metal Detector No2 (WTMD No 2)

The WTMD No2 is designed to ensure that the performance of Archway Metal Detectors are compliant to the Department for Transport and ECAC requirements.

Walk through Metal Detector No2

EWSTP Carrier

The EWSTP Carrier is designed to support two EWSTP’s for use on Dual View Scanners. One located for side view and the other for the Top View. It is important that the test piece is supported as close as possible to the X-Ray. Carriers can be supplied in several heights depending on the Tunnel Size.
Carriers can also be customer made to specific requirements.

EWSTP Carrier

Scanner Tray

We supply a range of “plastic” scanner conveyor trays for use with airport security scanners. These hold any metal object which has to be scanned at the same time as the passenger walks through the archway scanner.
There is a new legislation from 2014 where liquids have to be scanned. To achieve this bottles are supported on a foam within the tray. We can work with the scanner manufacturer on correct type of foam.




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Scanner Tray