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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a high molecular weight polymer, one of the most versatile plastic materials known and useful for a large range of products for applications excluded to other materials.
The most outstanding characteristics are:

  • high heat resistance
  • high resistance to chemical agents and solvents
  • high anti adhesiveness
  • high dielectric properties
  • low friction coefficient
  • non-toxicity

PTFE is generally considered a thermoplastic polymer; at 327°C it maintains a very high viscosity, thus requiring particular transformation techniques for manufacturing of finished and semi-finished goods. PTFE can be employed at any temperature from -260°C to +260°C.
PTFE is available in most forms from Electrical sleeving,tubing,rod,plate,sheet,non adhesive and self adhesive tape.Cut pieces available on many items upon request. Please ring on 01707 325513 and ask for stock shapes sales.


Filled PTFE
PTFE, because of the properties previously described, is used in a very large number of fields. Some of its properties can be improved and/or modified by adding suitable fillers, allowing the use of PTFE in fields otherwise precluded to this polymer. The treated PTFE is generally known as filled PTFE. The fillers most commonly used are: glass fiber, carbon, bronze or graphite, in the form of powder intimately mixed with the PTFE; other fillers are: molybdenum disulphide, metal powders, ceramics, metal oxides and mixtures of two or more additives.

The addition of fillers to this product improves or modifies its properties depending upon the nature and quantity of filler:
Remarkable increase in wear resistance.
Decrease of deformation under load and of creep.
Reduction of thermal expansion
Some types of filler increase the thermal and electrical conductivity.

PTFE Skived Film and Glass Fabric

Elder Engineering supply a wide range of high performance tapes.

One of our most popular productsis PTFE Glass Fabric with or without adhesive and Skived PTFE.

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PTFE Glass Fabric