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Peek Overview

The PEEK family of materials is based on polyetheretherketone resin. This semi-crystalline advanced material exhibits a unique combination of high mechanical properties,temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance making it the most popular advanced plastics material.

Supplied as a virgin material, to various filled grades that achieve differing mechanical properties.

Ketron PEEK is a trade name for Quadrant material, that cannot be guaranteed to be the resin of Victrex

Elder Engineering are able to offer fully traceable Victrex Peek.

Peek 1000

PEEK 1000 stock shapes are produced from virgin polyetheretherketone resin and offer the highest toughness and impact strength of all PEEK grades.

Ketron is a Quadrant Trade name, that cannot be guaranteed to be supplied using the Victrex resin.


Peek HPV

The addition of PTFE, graphite and carbon fibres results in a  PEEK “Bearing Grade”. Its excellent tribological properties (low friction, long wear, high PV-limits) make this grade especially suited for bearing and wear applications.

Ketron is a Quadrant trade name, which it cannot be guaranteed that it is supplied with the Victrex Resin.


Peek – GF30

This 30% glass fibre reinforced grade offers a higher stiffness and creep resistance than PEEK-1000 and has a much better dimensional stability. This grade is ideal for structural applications supporting high static loads for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. The suitability of  PEEK-GF30 for sliding parts, however, is to be carefully examined since the glass fibres tend to abrade the mating surface.

Peek – CA30

This 30% carbon fibre reinforced grade combines even higher stiffness mechanical strength and creep resistance than PEEK-GF30 with an optimum wear resistance. Moreover, the carbon fibres provide 3.5 times higher thermal conductivity than PEEK 1000 thus allowing for quicker heat dissipation from the bearing surface.

Ketron is a Quadrant trade name, and cannot be guaranteed with the Victrex resin.