Metal Machining

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Precision machining of metal components

Elder Engineering have been machining Metals for our existing customers for just under two years.
Servicing the likes of the Aerospace industry with our AS9100 Rev D Accreditation, we have invested in ample machinery to allow us to machine some complex machined metal components, without cross contamination with our plastic machine components.

We updated our Standard AS9100 Rev D to incorporate Metals into our mix of products that we can offer.

Elder Engineering is not a stockist of Metal sheetings or rod. We only offer Metal Machined Components.

What have we continued to do?

Elder Engineering has always had compliments that we are a clean factory, with our 5s in place, this has continued, we do not have cross contamination, we have a dedicated 5 Axis and lathes to Metals.

Some of the metals we can offer machined components to your drawings:

  • Stainless Steel grades 316 and 304
  • Aluminium grades 6061 and 6082 as well as others
  • Bronze
  • Titanium
  • Mild Steel